Architecture’s Corner

DoralSandsNewSignWhat makes Doral Sands beautiful is uniformity in design. The architectural control committee managed by the board of directors help maintain the common areas and residences in accordance with the regulations the by-laws as well as the regulations from the City of Doral.

Take a look at the new sign to be build in replacement of the current one at the entrance. It’s been months in the making from the initial concept and design to the (almost completed) city approvals, you’ll like it:   DoralSandsNewSign

DoralSandsNewSignDo your Share:

1. Maintain your garden and remove toys, fountains and any other un-authorized objects

2. Report problems with the light or mail posts if they need replacement before their periodic revision

3. Submit an  Architectural Modification Request when making changes or upgrades to your home

4. Clean your home’s roof and maintain its painting with approved colors listed here with their codes: Doral Sands Approved Home Colors