Did you know that Doral Sands is one of the most sought after communities in the city of Doral? Well, for those of us living here, this is not a surprise, so let’s make sure we keep it beautiful, making our daily living a rewarding experience. First and foremost get to know your community, greet your neighbors as you drive or walk by and acknowledge the efforts everyone makes.

When you moved in, you were introduced to the rules and regulations that were established in order to ensure the highest quality of community living, here are the legal documents that describe them all. Please read them again carefully from time and see how they help us, by all means ask questions and propose modifications, they are all about your home!

The violations committee has been established as required in the by-laws with the purpose of enforcing the rules, it’s only objective is to make sure we maintain a clean, pleasant and beautiful neigbuorhood with a fair application of the rules, please help it by complying with them.

 Do your share:

1. Read and print periodically the complete by-laws ruling Doral Sands: Village of Doral Sands Document as well as the summary of the main rules and regulations: Doral Sands Rules & Regulations

2. Don’t allow your pets out without a leash and make sure to pick after them

3. Park your vehicles inside your garage or driveway, never on the grass and leave the guests parking spaces for visitors. Vehicles with expired tags or flat tires will be towed away at the owners expense

4. You can purchase additional remote access controls to the community from Unlimited Property Management, for $35 with a check payable to Doral Sands